• 2020 Season on DVD - DV-22000
  • 2020 Season on DVD - DV-22000

2020 Season on DVD

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The 2020 Season almost didn't happen. Typically season 3 in a new coaching era is considered the first honest measure of progress, but all bets were off with the uncertainty pervading the Big Ten and all of society. New coaches, new players, and another year under coach Frosts training and leadership see glimmers of promise.  The team looks physically bigger, stronger, faster and more competitive.  The fits and starts interjected by covid make it tough to find any rhythm as we lose 3 one possession games.  2020 is the most mentally challenging for the players, as they cannot see friends and family for months on end for fear of exposing the team to covid. The defense comes together in 2020 and shows marked improvement.  The offense and special teams are plagued again by self inflicted wounds.  The season finishes on a high note with a tough road win in cold conditions vs. Rutgers, seeing Adrain Martinez rack up over 400 yards and 4 freshman offensive lineman blow gaping holes for the running game.  Box set includes all 8 season games in their entirety on DVD, complete with official radio play-by-play for audio.