Big 12 Championship Vs Texas

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12/05/09 Arlington, TX. A Blackshirts masterpiece for the ages: Suh and the boys give a heroicly Herculean effort, systematically dismantling the highly touted Colt McCoy Horn's offense in a gut-punch of a loss, 12-13. This game stands next to the likes of the 1994 16-18 loss to FSU in the National Title game on the short list of Husker heart breakers. NU takes a 12-10 lead on Alex Henry's 4th field goal with about 90 seconds left in the game. A couple of mishaps and 89 seconds later, Texas boots the game-winner from 47 yards. DVD of entire game complete with radio broadcast for audio, 106 minutes - viewer warning: watch only on a sunny day when everything in your life is perfect, or you may become dispondant.